Mark Zuckerberg‘s Facebook promise to hire ten thousand persons in the European Union in the next 5 years. ​Facebook promises to hire 10,000 workers in EU to build “metaverse”

According to statements released on monday, the social media firm said ” It has plans to help build the so-called “metaverse  a nascent online community where People  will live, exist and communicate in shared virtual spaces.

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It would be a huge step forward for the Tech firm, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg has emphasized in recent months.

Last month, the social media giant Facebook contributed $50 million to the construction and development of the metaverse, in which companies such as Fortnite” creator Epic Games” and Roblox Corp (RBLX.N) have a strong support.

Users of the firm’s Oculus Quest 2 headsets can have meetings as avatar representations of themselves, according to the firm’s earlier test of a new virtual-reality remote work program.

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Early this year, Facebook announced the formation of a product team dedicated to the metaverse, that would be part of Facebook Reality Labs, the organisation’s augmented reality and virtual reality division.

The business stated that “this project is a vote of confidence in the strength of the European tech industry and the potential of European tech talent.”

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