An infographic is a visual representation of a concept that includes imagery, data visualizations such as pie charts and bar graphs, and minimal text. We’ll be sharing the best tools to create your own infographics for your business.

What is infographic?

They are visual representations of information that are both striking and engaging. They are used to communicate information quickly and clearly.

They’re also graphical representations of information, facts, or expertise that are meant to convey information quickly and clearly. They can increase cognition by enhancing the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends with visuals.

Best Tools To Create Your Own Infographics

Venngage is an online based infographic design platform made for both designers and non-designers. The tools are mostly used by professionals to communicate visually and stay productive.

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It can also be used this tool to design infographic for different marketing teams from scratch or by using the already made template.

It is an online based graphical tool platform that can be easily access worldwide and can be used to design infographic, websites, blog post, resumes, Posters, flyers, Complementary card, Social media post, photo editing etc.

Canva have both free and premium plan that can be used by designers and non-designers to create beautiful layouts for different designs purposes.

It can be used to create beautiful infographic design either from scratch or by using the already made templates.

It is an online platform that can be use to create infographics, posters, banners, flyers, business cards, logos, social media post etc.

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This platform is mostly used by freelancers, Small business owners, large enterprises, etc.

This platform is used to create infographics, engaging social media contents, posters, flyers, logos, etc.

It is used by both small, medium and large scale business for marketing and branding.

ADIOMA is an online tool platform, that can be used to design different kinds of infographics that will automated design for visual language and infographics templates.

PIKTOCHART is described as the best, affordable and intuitive online tool platform to tell visual stories using infographics, representations, reports and prints.

Others Tools for creating infographics templates for your business include;

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