Buhari Banned Nigerians From Travelling to Ukraine to Fight Against Russia.

Following the Russia invasion on Ukraine, The Nigerian and Senegalese Governments have barred its citizens from travelling to Ukraine to fight against the Russians in Kyiv, Ukraine Capital.

This comes after hundreds of Nigerians and Senegalese have volunteered to fight against the invading Russian army on behalf of Ukraine.

Both governments have said that they oppose the recruitment of mercenaries in conflicts and have urged their citizens from becoming fortune soldiers.

Buhari Banned Nigerians
Buhari Banned Nigerians From Travelling to Ukraine to Fight Against Russia

Last week Monday, Senegal became the first country to restrict its citizens from travelling to Ukraine. The country’s foreign ministry has criticized a Facebook post by Ukraine’s embassy in Dakar, which asked for Senegalese volunteers to help fight Russia.

The Minister said:

“In view of the seriousness of such facts, the Ministry officially notified, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Senegal, a note verbale of protest strongly condemning this practice which constitutes a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, in particular with regard to the obligation to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State.”

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“As a result, the Ministry asked the embassy to retract the above appeal immediately and to stop any action for enlisting anyone of Senegalese or foreign nationality from Senegalese territory as soon as possible.”

“In the event that this is not possible, the Department reserves the right to make whatever decision that the circumstances necessitates.” The Ministry wishes to emphasize that the recruitment of volunteers, mercenaries, or foreign combatants on Senegalese soil is unlawful and subject to the legal sanctions.”

Nigeria’s foreign ministry followed suit earlier today. Hundreds of Nigerians are said to have volunteered to fight for Ukraine against the Russians.

Ukraine has denied reports that it was asking US$1,000 per person from Nigerian volunteers, allegedly to cover visa and flying charges, according to Nigeria’s foreign ministry.

Nigeria has said unequivocally that it opposes the employment of mercenaries in conflict.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria has been alerted to an alleged continuing registration of Nigerian volunteers into Ukraine’s combat army at the Ukrainian Embassy in Abuja,” the statement reads.

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“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the embassy to verify the speculation. The Ukrainian Embassy refuted the allegation but confirmed that a number of Nigerians had approached the embassy indicating their willingness to fight on the side of Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia. Furthermore, the embassy clarified that the Ukrainian government is not admitting foreign volunteer fighters and as such dissociated itself from the claim that it is requesting $1,000 from each Nigerian volunteer for air ticket and visa.

“As a responsible member of the international community and consistent with our obligations under international law, Nigeria discourages the use of mercenaries anywhere in the world and will not tolerate the recruitment, in Nigeria, of Nigerians as mercenaries to fight in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world.

“The Federal Government will continue to engage with the Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria and other relevant authorities to prevent this possibility.”

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