After being found having an affair, a cheating wife was forced to carry her husband on her shoulders and parade him around the streets.

On July 3, 2022, the event happened in Borpadaw Village, India. The woman went away for a week, and her husband and in-laws spent the entire time looking for her.

When the husband decided to submit a missing person’s report, a member of the public stepped forward and informed officials that she was staying at her boyfriend’s apartment.

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After discovering the affair, the unidentified woman’s husband allegedly assaulted her, yanked her hair, and threw her to the ground.

After that, the lady was forced to carry her husband around town.
She may be seen walking down the street with her spouse on her shoulders, accompanied by locals.

According to reports, the husband then proceeded to parade her around their hamlet, dangling shoes around her neck in the dismal scenes.

Currently, nine people have been arrested for the incident and she has been sent to her childhood home.

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