Chinese electric-vehicle startup Xpeng Motors introduced a flying car, the X2, over the weekend, which the company says it plans to mass produce by 2024.

Xpeng Motors strives to build smart electric car for the younger generations by developing new technologies, design and business model to redefine driving, purchasing, service and maintenance experience.

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The low-altitude flying car has a steering wheel for driving on roads as well as a single lever for flight modes, according to Newscreeds.

According to a Xpeng website post, the X2 features rotors that can be folded away when the car is operating on roads and expanded when the vehicle is flying.

Xpeng is touting the flying car for use in urban settings, like going from the airport to the office. The vehicle has a maximum flight time of 35 minutes.

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The firm headquarter is located in Guangzhou, XPeng Motors happens to be one of China’s leading smart electric vehicle (“EV”) companies. they design, develop, manufacture and market smart EVs that are seamlessly integrated with advanced Internet, AI and advanced driver assistance technologies. They claim that they are committed to in-house R&D and intelligent manufacturing to create a better mobility experience for our customers.

They have attracted a deep bench of talent, with over 43% of their employees work in R&D-related areas. They are also among china leading experts from the Internet, automobile and technology industries.


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