A man needed an earphone wire pulled out of his bladder after his masturbation act dramatically backfired.

The 34-year-old, from Indonesia, shoved an 80cm-long wire down his urethra which then got pushed too far and became stuck.

He told surgeons who treated him that he shoved the wire into his penis for ‘sexual pleasure and gratification’. And he confessed to using the masturbation technique up to five times a week.

The man, who wasn’t identified, went to his local hospital’s emergency department complaining of stomach pains when urinating.

He then told doctors at Surbaya’s Dr Soetmo General-Academic Hospital about his decision to insert the wire.

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Writing in the journal Radiology Case Reports, medics described it as being ‘lodged in the bladder’.

They gave him an X-ray to check how far into his body and how much damage it had caused. It was ‘visible and quickly identified’.

The wire, which was round 3mm wide, was coiled but — fortunately for him — had not attached to his bladder wall.

If it had lodged, urologists claim it could have caused a hole that needed surgery to repair.

Doctors pulled it out using forceps, although it’s unclear whether any of the wire was left hanging out to grip onto.

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