Although Lynda’s subscription fee is higher than that of other online course providers, the advantage is that you don’t have to pay for individual courses as you would on other platforms. But don’t worry in this article you’ll learn how to Get Free Lynda Accounts without paying anything.

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What is Lynda?

Lynda is an online subscription-based learning platform with thousands of courses taught by experts around the world on a wide ranges of creative, technology, and business topics.

Each course is professionally produced and divided into chapters and individual videos, each of which lasts approximately 5 minutes. You can access the entire course library with a subscription.

Advantages of Lynda Over Udemy and Other Learning Platforms

  1. Quality of videos produced at Lynda is flawless. Everything about the videos speak quality.
  2. The educators at Lynda are better at teaching or know the subject better.
  3. There are thousands of video to choose from. One fee and you have them all for a year or a month until you renew your subscription.
  4. Lynda is focusing on three major subjects.
    Programming, graphics and recently sales, management and marketing.
  5. Lynda has fantastic and well designed iOS and Android apps that allow you to download the courses and watch them offline.
  6. You receive a certificate of completion.
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Steps to Get Free Lynda Account

  • Firstly, Connect your VPN to any USA state.
  • You need to create fake US Address for Massachusetts State. Click here to get one.
  • Register with Boston library with address from step above. And Click proceed to continue.

Lynda steps

  • It will ask you if your Permanent or primary address is Massachusetts, Click “Yes”. Then it will show you if you are eligible asking you to fill a form
  • Fill in the form with the generated Address details above.
  • Then enter your email (Real email) and create four digit pin. This pin number will serve as your library pin so create the pin you can remember.
  • Then click proceed and agree to the terms and conditions. It will show you have successful completed your registration. Check your email to get library card number. Copy it and keep it safe.
  • Go to Lynda website

Lynda homepage

  • Enter “” into the field. And create a new profile then you will be asked for library card number (library card number) and your Pin.
  • Lynda will ask if you have old account before, just simply say “NO”.
  • Since you don’t have an account before, you will be required to add your names and email address. Put your email address there and Done.
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Congratulations you have successfully created Lynda Premium Accounts for free. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.


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