Social media users reacts to a photo of what seems to be a young man who happen to be a high school student allegedly doing drugs in public during school hours.

The lad who wore a white shirt, trouser and tie was seen injecting himself with an unidentified drug while sitting on a bus stop bench.

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The photo was reportedly captured in South Africa and it has raised serious questions about what could have gone wrong. He seemed to be sitting among a bunch of homeless people.


A Twitter user, @Michaelmike211 shared the image with the caption; ”How did we get here?”

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South Africans took to the comment section to pen opinions on what could be responsible for such action.

@fusi_sekonyela; sometimes we blame ruling party for problem that needs our attention first who is feeding this young boy,s habit secondly were does this boy get money to buy the stuff.we all know n do nothing about it.its anc,s doing or anc,s problems🙆‍♂️

@AubreyDube11; Our Justice system are too easy on Drugs pushers on the street. Those selling drugs en making it easy to find ‘ are not harshly punished. Frm our Politicians’ No one is taking the drug issue serious, while it’s destroying the future of the Country. Very sad.

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@dalockerbillbo1; you can shift the blam as you like every parent is responsible for his/her kid taking drugs you teach your child to live the life you want him or her to live … infact you don’t teach you show them

@ikeditha; Work hard to cut the supply chain. Unfortunately corruption has entered the police force. No will in government. Many start by experimenting, but these drugs hook immediately. We knew abo snyman. Same story with drug pushers. There’s no village to raise the child. It’s my child.

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@mimosameyiwa; Ws talking bout hw I watch ppl shoot up every mrning. The dealer is comfortable enuf to stand on the corner & wait for his regulars to buy from him in broad daylight. We really don’t have a strong justice system & so, so, so many ppl trying to escape their painful reality.

@Sandile28013110; Giving children rights and turning discipline into abuse. Caused all this, know parents at afraid to discipline there children, talking to a child and pleading to him/her really does not work. You find your child’s drawer with child abuse phone numbers. So you tell me.

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