The internet has been filled with stories of mysterious tragedies that have befallen a 28-year-old woman and her family. She tells on how her hair stopped growing ever since my late dad shaved me at age five year old.

Kampire Josepha has no hair on her head and hasn’t been able to grow any since her late father cut it off when she was five years old.
Jose revealed in an interview with Afrimax that her family believed her baldness was caused by witchcraft for many years.

According to Patricia, the young lady’s grandmother, her bald-headed granddaughter was born with hair that was cut off at birth and never grew back.

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Things took a tragic turn after that day, and her family realized something was wrong when her father died shortly after shaving.

After the mourning period, they realized that the little girl’s hair had completely vanished, as had her eyebrows. Jose and her mother sought the help of a village doctor, who prescribed herbs and promised that the hair would regrow, but it never did.

“We got tired of it and stopped because it was squandering all of our money,” Patricia continued.

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Jose’s mother died not long after, plunging the family into panic and confusion as they tried to figure out what had happened to them.

This was made worse by the fact that the young girl’s legs developed a condition that crippled her after a while.

“She started crawling on the ground like a frog, that is when we rushed her to the hospital,” the grandma recalled.

For the next four months, the grandmother and the young granddaughter she had taken custody of spent in hospital as she the latter received treatment. It was a timely intervention as her limbs were stabilized and she managed to start walking on two again, albeit with a limp.

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Jose was able to find love and marry when she reached adulthood, but the marriage did not endure as long as she had planned. She claims that her husband was constantly mocked by his friends for marrying a physically disabled and bald lady.

Jose’s husband gave in and abandoned her after six months of marriage, terrified that their children might be born with her disease. Jose moved in with her grandparents after leaving her marital home since she had nowhere else to go.

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