How to create a Low Content Book, you can use free resources. I recommend Canva or PowerPoint. If you want to use Canva, follow these Steps:

1. Go to here to sign up. Once you have signed up, proceed to the next step

2. You will be shown some templates, ignore it and click on “Use custom dimensions”

3. Our preferred custom dimension is 6 X 9 inches (I assume we are creating a lined journal). This means our interior (of the journal) will be 6 X 9 inches.

4. On the left hand side, click on “Elements”, then click on “Lines” You will see the preview of how the interior will look like.

5. Click on any of the varieties of the FREE lines (better if you have Canva Pro)

6. You will see the lines on your work environment. You can change the color using the small square at the top left corner of the page. 7. Change the color to your preferred color (I suggest ash since we are creating an interior)

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8. We wanna change the transparency since we don’t wan the lines to be too bold. Click the squared dotted lines beside “Arrange” at the top right side of the page. Reduce the transparency.

9. Make the line smaller. Align it to fit the page.

10. Copy and paste the line until you have all the lines on that page

Note: That is. You can duplicate this page to as many as 100 pages.

An easier way is to use the “Background” feature on Canva.

1. Go to the side bar, click on Background, you will see a template of dotted lines. Click on it

– Change the background to white
– change the transparency to like 46

2. Click on the “duplicate page” icon to copy what you have here on other pages. You can do this 30 times Do this until you see the message “Maximum Page Limit Reached”.

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There is a way of merging multiple designs if you are creating more than a 30-page lined journal.

Download what you have on canva as a PDF (the print version)

1. Go to LLove PDF and click on “merge pdf”

2. Upload the PDF you downloaded from Canva and merge the file. It will merge all the 4 PDF files into one (I assume we uploaded the PDF file 4 times).

3. Select download.

Now you have a print ready, 120-page of lined journal for Amazon.

Next is to design a cover for your Book. I will advise using Canva for this too but if you can afford a professional cover designer, hire one.

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