How to Make Hundreds Of Discord Accounts With The Same Email.

Discord is a free audio, video, and text chat tool that are used by millions of people (young and old) world wide to communicate and hang out with their friends, family and groups. People use Discord on a regular basis to discuss a variety of topics, including creative projects, family vacations, homework, and mental health help.

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It is one of the popular group-chatting app, that was originally made to give gamers a place to build communities and talk about important things.

The steps on how to make hundreds of discord accounts with the same email are:

  1. Create a new Gmail or Protonmail any mail account you want. For this example I’ll use a random gmail named [email protected]
  2. Now you want to go to discord and create a new account with the email and verify the email and shit. ( 1 ACCOUNT MADE )
  3. Go sign up again and this time the email you created add a dot before the first letter like this [email protected]
  4. It will sign up and instantly you made a new account with the same email.
  5. Now discord will most likely find something about this so they’re gonna ask you for phone verification every time you sign in. To avoid this follow the next step.
  6. Clear your cookies and cache and connect to a random VPN fraud score doesn’t matter. Make a new account with the same email and make it like this [email protected].

So basically your adding dots to your email every time you make a new account you have to constantly change your ip and clear your cookies for no phone verification.

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You can put dots anywhere before @ creating a long name will benefit you in making more accounts. So you can add as many dots as you want and create as many accounts.

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