In this Article you’ll learning how to read deleted whatsapp messages in both andriod and ios devices without lossing any of your data.

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Whatsapp Backup

With the help of whasapp backup one can be able to access messages from individual and group chats that was deleted, and the ability to restored or read them is available on Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

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It comes with the condition that receivers will be informed that you’ve pull the trigger via a notification that says “this message was deleted”.

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Steps on how to Read deleted Messages

  1. Uninstall Whatsapp and then reinstall it from your device’s app store to read a deleted message.
  2. You’ll be given the opportunity to restore chats from backup after you’ve logged back in.
  3. Simply pick the restore option, and all of your chats will be restored, even deleted messages, which will appear as if they had never been erased.
  4. Even if you don’t have a backup, a handful of third-party programs can help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages.
  5. Andriod apps like Notification History Log and Notification Log will display all of the notifications stored in your device’s notification register, including WhatsApp conversation notifications.

However, there are certain limits to the apps: To read the notification, you must have interacted with it.

  • Swiping it from the notification bar or a floating message accomplishes this.
  • Additionally, restarting your phone will clear your notification register, removing any possibility of spying on deleted texts.


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