A young lady who took to her Facebook page to share her horrible story of finding a huge frog inside a bowl of ice cream she bought in a store has caused a huge stir online.

The lady with username, Tracy Wiemelt Holtman revealed that she bought the Blue Bunny ice cream and it was sealed. However, after it was opened, a frozen frog was found just under the cover.

She stated that she believes the popular store bought it from the factory that way because the seal had not been tampered with.

She then went on to add that she will be returning the ice cream to the store.

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Here’s what she wrote on her Facebook page;

“So I literally just bought this blue bunny ice cream from hyvee. Morgan opened it tonight and look at what was in it. This has to come from the factory this way bc it was sealed. Guess I will be taking back to the store bc they won’t believe me if I tell them.”

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