A Nigerian girl found the remains of a cockroach in her drink which she posted on her Facebook account.

The young lady who goes by the name Maize Ela on Facebook said ‘the drink was sealed when she opened it and drank from it. Now she’s sick from food poisoning’.

This is not the first time I’ve heard of something like this. The first time was pure water. We should call on our food safety officials to look regulate these food processing industries properly.

She said that, “she noticed something about the drink. The exotic juice at the bottom has a yellow-greenish look.

I already got some drugs and I have drank oil.
The purging has increased but I hope it stops soon.

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Exotic will need to answer for this because I don’t understand.
I didn’t leave the drink anywhere it was from the store then straight home to eat.”

She also updated her Facebook audiences this morning about her wellbeing last night and the pains she currently feeling on her stomach.

She posted:

“I barely slept. I took some drugs and right now I’m in the pharmacy and it’s just drugs they gave me again and it’s even expensive and not in my budget.

My stomach is kind of swollen I’m not even lying I’ll get someone to snap and the man(owner of pharmacy) said if it doesn’t get better after I use the drugs then I can think of going to the hospital.

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I’ll be going home and my mum is talking about them cutting my stomach (that local treatment) and I haven’t even told her why.

I don’t know how to get to the company but something isn’t right like why were they different insects in my drink plus the doctor said the cockroach has been dead for a long time now from the video.

I don’t have any big person anywhere and I can’t pay to sue anyone but I just want this pains to stop.”

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