Little Boy Dies after being Trapped Underground for five days in Morocco.

A little boy named Rayan Oram has died after he fell down a deep well in northern Morocco and was trapped there for about five days before his corpse was rescued.

Little Boy Dies after being Trapped Underground for five days in Morocco

Rayan Oram dropped 32m (104ft) down the well’s narrow uncovered on Tuesday in Ighran, a small village close to the Chefchaouen area of the Rif mountains.

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Morocco’s King Mohammed VI announced the boy’s death late Saturday night.

Thousands of people had gathered to see the massive rescue operation unfold amid fears of a landslide due to the mixture of stony and sandy soil.

Rayan, however, died before rescuers arrived, according to two government officials.

After removing most of the nearby hillside and tunneling a horizontal route into the well, rescuers were able to recover Rayan’s corpse.

According to images on social media and Moroccan official TV, an ambulance was spotted driving to a hospital after the body was discovered.

An official royal statement posted by Moroccan TV channel 2M reported that King Mohammed VI had contacted Rayan’s parents, Khaled Oram and Wassima Kharchich.

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According to the statement, he contacted them to “offer his greatest condolences and genuine sympathies to all members of the deceased’s family in this awful suffering.”

“He also expressed his appreciation for the tireless efforts made by various authorities and public forces, as well as the collective activities, and for the strong solidarity and wide sympathy received by the deceased’s family, from various Moroccan groups and families, in this painful circumstance,” the statement said.

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