‘Love Na scam’ – Nigeria Man cried over his marriage with Runs Girl.

A nigerian man is in serious marital pain over his marriage to a runs girl as known as ‘Prostitute’, who promised to change her ways but reneged.

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According to the man, he met the lady six years ago and fell in love with her. When he realised what she does for a living, he counseled her and they got married after she agreed to stop doing runs.

However, shortly after their marriage, failed to keep her vow and went back to her runs girl lifestyle.

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He wrote:

“I fell in love with a runs girl and got married to her thinking she would change, but believe me when I tell you I don see shege for this marriage.

This is the first time I will be opening up about my problems because I don tire. God punish love, love Na scam..

We met six years ago when I was got a new job. I was posted to her area and I happened to get a room in the same compound where she was living.

Like play like play, from only greeting, we started sleeping over at each other’s rooms till I gave in and fell in love with her.

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I asked her where she usually goes to at night. And she opened up that she’s a runs girl. Out of love, I counselled her, told her his feelings for her and she agreed to change.

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