A man was caught having sex with his housemaid while his wife was in the hospital recovering from child birth, Newscreeds reports.

According to a Twitter user, the wife reportedly went into labour on Thursday, April 14, 2022. She gave birth on Friday, April 15, after 27 hours of labour.

On the following day, Saturday, April 16, the husband left his wife at the hospital, explaining he had some business to handle.

On the same day, the newborn baby’s godmother, who is also the new mother’s neighbour, was sent to the family’s house to bring some supplies for the new mum. However, when she got to the house, she found the husband having sex with their housemaid.

Taking to Twitter, the godmother narrated the incident.

Read her tweets below.

“Jesus! I just walked in on my neighbor’s husband having sex with their maid while his wife is in the hospital. This woman just gave birth yesterday and I literally came to pick stuff to take to her in the hospital. I’m broken, I don’t even know how to handle this. His wife literally went through a 27 hours labour, coupled with several days of pain and this is how he repays her. I’m in the car crying, I don’t know what to do. They actually left the flat front door open, imagine how comfortable they felt to leave the door open while making out in his matrimonial bed. This is painful.

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I’m not even into twitter dramas and have no strength for silly comments but I’m just going to answer some questions here.

The husband was in the hospital with his wife on Friday when she gave birth. The labour was a long one and it was understandable that he was tired and needed to go home for rest that Friday night. He said he would come back the same night but I volunteered to stay with her for the night. Yesterday morning around past 10 her older sister arrived. The husband brought the sister to the hospital and left “to run some business related errands” which was okay since the sister was around then I left to freshen up and sleep with the promise to come back in the evening. I was called to grab somethings for her from home while coming back because she believed her husband wasn’t even home.

In the evening, I got ready to go back to the hospital (I’m actually the godmother a promise the mother made in exchange for all my fruits she ate during the pregnancy ) when I saw the front door open, I thought the maid left it open and walked in (I’ve always been )

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when I got to the sitting room, I heard funny sounds and sincerely thought the maid brought someone into their house and their room. I was pissed and wanted to see for myself. I could never have imagined that it’s the man. Well, I told the sister and we agreed to wait until the doctor clears her and she gets discharged. Whatever happens, it’s her call but I was never going to conceal such secret from someone who considers me a sister.

Mind you, she went into labour on Thursday but gave birth on Friday evening. It was a bumpy ride but God was Faithful.

Since I brought this here, I owe you all update so till then Happy Easter, enjoy your holiday. Stop hurting people that love you, laws of nature are potent. Don’t expect me to go back and forth with you because this is literally my first proper tweet ever, I don’t have energy.

Some comments I’m reading from men are embarrassing and heartbreaking. I thank God my man is nothing like you all. God knew I can’t deal and gave me an amazing man. Damn!”

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