A man was caught on camera performing oral sex on a woman by the side of a busy road.

George Fuller, a Twitter user, was walking down Av. Sá Carneiro in Albufeira, Portugal, when he spotted a man on his knees with his head up a woman’s skirt.

People passing were astounded when they saw the couple having oral sex on the Algarve strip.

He began filming the man performing an oral sex act on the woman, who had her legs over his shoulders as he moved his head up and down.

The woman looked to be perched on a ledge in front of a mobile phone repair store, while the male squatted on the street below her.

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Even as Fuller and his friends approached, the couple didn’t appear to be bothered as they carried on in full view of passersby.

Fuller shared the video on Twitter and it has now gone viral.

Watch the 18+ video below…



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