A man who goes by the twitter name Baron, has spoken out about his marital problems on social media, detailing what transpired after he discovered his wife was in love with someone else.

He revealed that he left his house for his wife, whom he has been married to for 30 years, after discovering her with another man.

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Since leaving their house, the father of four, who stated that he still loves her, has been living in a rented apartment.

According to Baron, his children come to the office to receive upkeep money whenever they need it. His wife finally married the man, who also happened to be her high school boyfriend, he added.

He Said:

”I have the same experience, am going through a lot right now after 30 years of marriage nd four kids, found out the woman I loved nd still love was madly in love with another man. I left home for her and rented a room for myself now, my kids still come to see me everyday at my Office for their upkeep money.

Am two years out from my home she has married the same man I caught her with, she claimed she has been with the guy since secondary days till now. Means I just wasted 30 years of my life with a devil and Frenemie. Marriage is a fraud,” he shared.

See His Post Below:

Man Posted

Man post

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