A 23-year-old Kenyan man has been sentenced to serve three months in prison after he pleaded guilty to charges of stealing a thermos flask and three plates belonging to his mother.

Kevin Okasimba, who appeared before Mombasa Senior Resident Magistrate Vincent Adet pleaded guilty to the charges.

In his mitigation, he informed the court that he only stole the utensils since he was hungry and needed food which his mother was unable to provide.

The court heard that on May 5 this year in areas of Changamwe, the complainant, Magreat Adudu had enquired from her son if he was the one who stole the thermos and plates.

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He got irritated and instead rushed out and came back with a panga and a rungu and tried to hit his mother.

The magistrate probed the suspect on why he was unable to fend for himself.

“How old are you? Do you want to tell me you cannot do menial jobs to survive? Your mother has brought you up well,” the magistrate questioned him.

He was sentenced to serve three months in prison with no option of a fine.

He was given 14 days to appeal his sentence.

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