MICROSOFT warns Windows PC users to avoid using Google Chrome


MICROSOFT warns Windows PC users to avoid using Google Chrome.

As part of Microsoft’s long-running effort to convince users to use its own Google Chrome competitor, Microsoft Edge. On Windows 10 and Windows 11, this is the default browser.

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It was released in 2015 as a replacement for Internet Explorer and is now one of the most widely used web browsers on the planet. According to Neowin, Microsoft has now issued a warning to users about using Google Chrome.

MICROSOFT warns Windows PC users to avoid using Google Chrome

When consumers visit the ‘Download Google Chrome’ website, Microsoft sends them a message. It’s a last-ditch effort to get Windows users to stick with Microsoft Edge.

The messages suggest that Chrome is less reliable than Microsoft Edge, or that it is old and out of date.

One even claims that using Microsoft Edge will “save you time and money.”

One message states, “Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the extra trust of Microsoft.

“Another states: “That browser is from the year 2008! Do you have any idea what’s new? Microsoft Edge is a browser developed by Microsoft.”

When you use Microsoft’s Bing search engine to look for a new browser, it will encourage you to use Microsoft Edge. One of the messages reads:

“It is not necessary to install a new web browser.

“Microsoft Edge is recommended for a quick, secure, and contemporary web experience that can help you save time and money,” says Microsoft.

“You’re already browsing on Microsoft Edge,” says another.

Continue to use to receive world-class performance with increased privacy, productivity, and value.

“Google Chrome is the most used browser on the planet. It runs on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and macOS.

According to estimates, Google Chrome has a 67.56 percent share of the global desktop browser market. Google Chrome is used by more than 3.2 billion people throughout the world.

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