There are different methods to Make money online effective in 2022. We will be listing the best 3 options for you on how you can earn seven figures monthly.


YouTube is one of the most searched and used internet platform after Google. It started its cooperation in 2005 and has developed quickly.

Most People all over the world spents over 20 hours watch and streaming different kinds of video on YouTube daily.

People makes Thousands of Dollars by making and uploading videos daily.

You can simply make Money for YouTube by uploading short video for YouTube shorts and by uploading longer videos.

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There are different approaches to monetizing a blog. Discover special online revenue models and popular techniques to make cash out of your blog.

If you have a blog or website  or you’re deliberating starting one , it’s by no means too late to start making money from it. There are many ways to monetize your blog.

To begin making money out of your weblog, there are different kinds of methods to make money blogging such as Ads, affiliate marketing and Advertising, Subscriptions, sale of physical or virtual products etc.


Freelancing means to function as an autonomous organization instead of being utilized by another person. Specialists are independently employed and regularly alluded to as self-employed entities.

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They are lots and lots of companies and individuals recruiting freelancers on a part-time or remotely.

They work from the comfort of their home, at anytime, anywhere and any day.

They are different freelancing platforms where one can get freelancing jobs, this includes upwork, fiverr, Guru, etc.


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