The Nigerian army has dismissed a popular video of a soldier pleading for help after being purportedly abandoned by his colleagues.

Recall how a video of a soldier wandering alone in the open bush, appearing tense and concerned, went viral the other day?

The soldier said in the video that he was left alone after being abandoned by other soldiers. He also begged for God’s protection, revealing that he has been through a lot and is fighting to preserve his life.

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The Nigerian army responded by releasing a statement on their official Facebook page by Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, claiming that the soldier made the video to avoid being labeled a coward.

Nigeria Army

Read the Statement below:

“The attention of the Nigerian Army(NA) has been drawn to a viral video
making the rounds on the social media, where a soldier on
Wednesday, 30 March 2022 claimed to have been abandoned
by his colleagues during operations.”
“Contrary to the claims and impression created by the soldier
in the video footage, preliminary investigations have revealed
that the video footage was a deliberate attempt to shield himself
from being accused of cowardice, having abandoned his colleagues
during an ongoing clearance operation in Gurara, Niger State.”
“It could be recalled that troops of the NA, recently carried out
a clearance operation in Gurara Local Government Area of Niger State. Disappointingly, during an encounter, the said soldier abandoned his
colleagues and absconded in an outright display of cowardice and possible sabotage, which negate the precepts of the military profession.”
“Sensing the gravity of his action and its consequences, the soldier
surreptitiously uploaded the video online in a calculated attempt to
whip-up public sentiment and cover up his act of cowardice.
The soldier’s action amounts to a betrayal of the esprit de corps and
comradery that are synomous with a military unit and fighting
formation, particularly during operations.”
“The soldier’s conduct is therefore an aberration and against
the ethics and core values of the military profession.”
“The video footage is thus, in all intent, and purpose a
misrepresentation of what actually transpired between the
soldier and his colleagues.”
“The soldier has rejoined his unit and further investigations
are currently ongoing to unravel the reasons behind his
unprofessional conduct.”
Brigadier General
Director Army Public Relations
31 March 2022
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