On Thursday, July 7, hundreds of Kenyans took to the streets of Nairobi and marched to the President’s office to protest the high cost of living in the East African country.

According to the angry people, the price of basic commodities like as cooking oil, maize flour, wheat flour, and sugar has more than doubled in recent weeks, placing pressure on families struggling to make ends meet.

The protesters even threatened that election won’t hold in the country if there’s no food for them eat.

According to Business Capital, several protesters who spoke to the media blamed officials of neglecting to address the issue, leaving them with no choice except to fight for themselves.

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“Our elected officials have failed us, and Kenyans are suffering greatly, which is why we are here to demand lower pricing for basic commodities,” one of the protesters said.

Another protestor said that the government shouldn’t blame the Russia-Ukraine conflict for the high cost of living, claiming that the conflict has just worsened the situation.

“The prices of food were high even before the issue of Ukraine came, we are in this situation because of too much borrowing and the money goes into the pockets of a few,” he stated.

With only 32 days until the elections, Kenyans protested that the two front-runners in the presidential election, Raila Odinga and William Ruto, are only making promises and not offering solutions.

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Oguna pointed out that the Head of State is not to be blamed for the situation as he attributed it to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

“It is not fair to put this blame on one person, it is not the President. The war in Ukraine has made things difficult for nations across the globe,” he said, adding that the situation was not unique to Kenya alone.

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