Roku Banned Pornhub From Its Devices. The America’s top streaming channel with over 50 million users worldwide, said this week that it will be discontinuing so-called “non-certified channels” in March 2022.

This basically disables apps like PornHub, which rely on backdoor methods to provide X-rated content to users. Roku already has tight regulations in place prohibiting the display of pornography on its set-top boxes and smart TVs.

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Users were able to circumvent the ban by using non-certified channels, which allow developers to stream whatever they want to the platform.
According to the firm, they are typically utilized by developers to test channels before they appear on Roku.

Adult entertainment applications take use of the mechanism to circumvent Roku’s policies by establishing non-certified channels that contain pornographic content.
Using unique codes, the apps may then be added to users’ Roku libraries.

According to Protocol, the next shift would affect private channels such as Adult Time and Wicked, in addition to PornHub.

Users who use this approach to install questionable channels are warned that the site “does not test or review non-certified channels.

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“Some content may be “offensive or unsuitable for some audiences,” according to the notice.

The channels can be withdrawn at any moment, and a user’s account can be barred from loading more non-certified channels if the channel in issue is unlawful or violates Roku’s policies.

According to the platform, it will provide an independent developer kit, which will eliminate the need for non-certified channels.

Roku is a media device that, like an Amazon Fire Stick, allows you to stream digital material to your television. Customers may purchase set-top Roku devices, but the feature is already incorporated into some television sets. In the United States, the service has 55 million subscribers.

Viewers may use the web-based service to access some of the most popular online streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Hulu.
While it is legal to utilize services like Netflix through Roku if you pay for them, some hackers are utilizing the devices to unlawfully stream material.

Some Roku users utilize the “private channel capability” to watch sports and movies without having to pay for them. This is against the law and the system is also used to watch pornography, which violates Roku’s terms of service. The firm has said that it is devoted to combating piracy.


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