According to the Russian defense ministry, Russia fired hypersonic Kinzhal missiles against “military targets” in Ukraine again on Sunday.

The Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missile targeted a Ukrainian fuel station in Kostiantynivka near the Black Sea town of Mykolaiv, according to Russian defense ministry spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov.

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“Kalibr cruise missiles were launched from the Black Sea seas towards the Nizhyn facility that fixes Ukrainian armoured vehicles that have been damaged in warfare,” he said.

On Saturday, the Russia military said that the Kinzhal had been used in battle for the first time to bomb a weapons store near Diliatyn, in western Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains.

Another facility in Ovruch, in the northern Zhytomyr district, where foreign fighters and Ukrainian special forces were stationed, was targeted by air-launched missiles, according to Konashenkov.

The missile strike’s type was not stated.

“More than a hundred soldiers from [Ukraine’s] special operations forces as well as foreign mercenaries were killed,” he claimed.

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