A Video currently trending online shows the moment a brave Ukrainian trying to stop column of Russian tanks from passing through a junction in a Ukrainian town in the ongoing Russia Ukraine war.

Russia Ukraine war
Russia Ukraine war

As Russian military vehicles rumbled by, a brave man took a stand, boldly stepping onto the front of one of the tanks. It moved forward for a few meters before coming to a standstill, impeding the path of those who followed.

When the tank stopped moving, the man climbed down from the tank and kneeled in the center of the road, blocking the Russian convoy’s advance.

Russia Ukraine warOnlookers can be seen attempting to take the man away from the tank, realizing that his protest is futile.

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The man, though, continues to grab on to the front of the tank, adamant in his resistance.

The video emerged as Moscow’s forces continued their illegal invasion of the country, where Ukrainian soldiers and citizens alike are putting up a fierce resistance against Vladimir Putin’s invading army.

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