Hundreds of unarmed Ukrainians forced Russian military tanks to halt on the outskirts of Koryukivka, a border town, by blocking their way in the ongoing #Russiaukrainewar.

According to reports, lost Russian soldiers stopped to ask for directions and were surrounded by locals.

Russian Military tanks
Russian Military tanks

In video footage from the incident, Ukrainians can be seen going towards a convoy of tanks in order to block them from approaching the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. While the military watched from their war vehicles, the brave men created a human shield, forcing the convoy to retreat.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian land forces issued a statement praising the heroic inhabitants, writing: “Take Koryukivka as an example! We are on the land that God has given us “.

The footage was released a day after a brave Ukrainian man was caught using just his hands to block a convoy of multiple Russian tanks.

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On Monday, the Russian invasion on Ukraine reached its fifth day, with President Volodymyr Zelensky declaring that the next 24 hours would be a “crucial period” for his country.

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