Security guards sacked for dancing on duty lament over unfair treatment.

Two security guards have expressed their dissatisfaction with the treatment they received after a video of them dancing while on duty went viral on social media.

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NEWSCREEDS posted a video a few days earlier in which they may be seen dancing at the front door. In front of diners who were enjoying their meals, the two of them performed scripted dancing routines.

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Security guards sacked for dancing on duty lament over unfair treatment

Unfortunately, the fast food restaurant’s owner noticed the footage and ordered that they be fired.

In a latest video, the two young men stand outside their former workplace, claiming that despite working till the end of the month, their ex-employer refused to pay their money. At the duty post, new security guards had already taken their posts.

According to them, the security firm’s management failed to pay their February salary and snubbed their calls when they tried to contact them.

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