The practical abilities to succeed in technology related careers or professions are place on the level of one’s technical knowledge. The lists below shows the Top 10 Tech skills in Demand in 2021.

Competency in technical fields includes knowledge and expertise in the fields of computer science and information technology as well as engineering and research. A tech skill is a set of tough skills required to carry out a specific job function.

Top 10 tech skills in Demand in 2021

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Machine Learning

The term “machine learning” encompasses a wide range of abilities. Software engineering, system design, computer science foundations, and programming are all good places to start for IT professionals. These skills assist IT professionals in identifying patterns in data.


Cyber-Security is a process of safeguarding computer systems and networks against cyber attacks or digital interference with the goal of gaining unauthorized access to, changing or destroying sensitive or confidential data, or interfering with normal operations. Systems engineers, network engineers or architects, software developers or engineers, and cybersecurity analysts are among the professions that have a strong emphasis on cybersecurity.

Software development

With the increased use of mobile phones, apps, and technology in general, the demand for software development is on the rise. According to Stack Overflow research, 75% of developers learn a new technology every year, implying that they are constantly honing their skills and expanding their knowledge. As a result, developers become more adaptable to change and are able to keep their skills up to date. This ensures job security, which is important in an uncertain economy. SQL and Java are the most popular programming languages to learn if you want to work in software development.

UI/UX Design

User interface design is referred to as UI, and user experience design is referred to as UX. These design roles collaborate closely to develop an efficient and appealing user or target customer experience. These specialized abilities can help you advance your career as a UI or UX designer, design lead, or creative director.

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If you want to be a blockchain expert, you’ll need to be able to program in a variety of languages, including Java, C++, Go, python and Solidity. More companies are looking for blockchain and smart contract developers to help them build decentralized applications.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is still in its early stages, and the demand for cloud computing professionals is expected to grow. With the introduction of new cloud technology such as Amazon Web Services, it is critical to have the necessary skills for the job opportunities that this creates. Businesses are also migrating to cloud solutions for a variety of reasons, including security and cost-effectiveness, so the demand for this skill is expected to rise in 2021.

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

BI Analysts are an important part of any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition while also developing and growing. By analyzing data, they provide direction and focus. Data analysis, problem solving, and communication are all skills that a BI analyst will need.

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Project Management

From the beginning of a project to its completion, project management entails leading a team to achieve goals and meet deadlines. Consultants, software developers, computer engineers, and information technologists all benefit from project management skills. Construction, energy, healthcare, marketing, and consulting are all looking for project managers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the use of digital technologies such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other digital platforms to advertise. It is the act of delivering information and promoting products, services, and brands through digital media channels such as search engines, websites, email, social media, and apps.

Data Analytics

The process of storing, managing, and analyzing data in order to gain useful information and insights is known as data analytics. Business intelligence analysts, data analysts, data engineers, data analytics consultants, and IT systems analysts are among the jobs that require data analytics skills.

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