When you work as a freelancer, you use your skills, talents, knowledge, and experience to work with a variety of clients and take on a variety of projects without committing to a single employer. The quantity of jobs or tasks you can take depends solely on your ability to complete them as requested. The list below shows top freelancing websites for freelancers around the world.

Top Freelancing websites for Freelancers


Toptal is considered as one of the most effective online platforms for connecting highly qualified freelancers with top class clients and businesses.

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To become a freelancer at Toptal, you must complete five steps of the screening procedure. They provide a time tracking and invoicing solutions known as Toptracker.

In toptal, freelancers are paid the total price they offer using their platform.

  • Services: Web Development, Software developer, Project Management, Web Design, UI/UX etc.
  • Mode Of Payment:  Payoneer, Paypal, or direct bank transfer.



Fiverr is an Israeli online platform for freelance services. It is regarded as one of the top freelancing platforms for connecting business owners with freelancers to complete various digital tasks for them.

Freelancers are known as Sellers on this platform, and they sell their services, known as “gigs,” to business owners, who are known as Buyers. Sellers can sign up for free, post their gig, and choose their own prices rather than sending out bids. To make a purchase, buyers can simply browse through the many categories.

  • Services:  Web Design & Developer, Data Analyst, Translation, Data entry, Content Writing, Programmer, Software engineer, Mobile app developer, Voice-Over etc.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Direct Transfer and Debit card.


UpworkUpwork is an American online global marketplace that links businesses also known as “Clients” with freelancers, creative talent, and agencies.

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The platform offers a diverse range of categories, including web design and software development, as well as customer service and accounting. Clients are allowed to post a job and hire talented freelancers to work for them. And Freelancers can use the job board to sell their services.

Clients can also be allow to purchase a predefined services from the project catalog.

  • Services: Web Design, Data Entry, Content Writing, Programmer, Ethical Hackers, Data Scientists, Translation, transcription, logo designers, graphics design etc.
  • Mode of payment: Direct Transfer, Wire transfer and Payal



Codeable is a WordPress freelancing platforms that assists companies or business owners in hiring qualified WordPress developers or designers for full-time, recurring and short-term WordPress projects.

Codeable provides a means by matching you with the most qualified developers for your project. You can simply post a request for all Codeable professionals, and their system will locate experts with the appropriate abilities and availability for you to choose from.

It’s simple to hire WordPress freelancers on Codeable, and you can rest assured that they’ll provide high-quality work every time.

  • Services: WordPress Development and Design
  • Mode Of Payment: PayPal, Wire Transfer and Direct Transfer



Guru is a online platform for freelancers. It enables businesses to locate freelancers for commissioned work.

On this platform every freelancers who signs up receives a free basic membership, but paid membership levels include more capabilities to help your profile stand out. Based on your skill set and work experience, the system algorithm will make job recommendations.

  • Services: Web Design, Programmer, Mobile app development, Software developer, Content Writing etc.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal and wire transfer.



LinkedIn is one of the most popular job-finding tools for professionals. A comprehensive LinkedIn profile can open up more job opportunities.
If you’re a freelance writer, create a post describing your expertise and attach your work portfolio.
Browsing through LinkedIn job postings is also a great way to find freelance jobs. opportunities.

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During and after covid-19, freelancing was considered as the best channel to earning money online working directly from your home.


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