A young man still shows care to his father who is mentally ill and goes the extra mile to make him feel loved in his condition.

The guy showed his dad off on social media with pride in a bid to celebrate him on his 76th birthday.

A LinkedIn user, Solomon Kimani shared the story of his page and disclosed that the guy took his mentally ill dad out for a treat on the day he clocked a new age.

According to Solomon, the young man whose name was not revealed, said that he grew up seeing his father in that condition.

He also said he has been able to save some money which he intends to use to take his dad to medical experts for proper treatment.

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“It’s my Dad’s 76th birthday, he is mentally ill, he is the only family I got left, I took him out for a stroll.

I grew up seeing him in this condition, I’ve been able to save some money for his treatment, pls celebrate with us and may God bless you as you pray for his quick recovery,” the post reads.


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